Monday, November 23, 2009

$1 Playtex Gloves

The Greenhurst store in Nampa ordered too many of the Playtex gloves for the last sale. They have a big basket of them on isle 11 and are selling them for only $1. Use the Playtex Living Gloves, any $1/1 (1-31-10) SS1-10/4 and get them for FREE!

UPDATE: Sorry the coupon does not match! The gloves on sale are the "playtex disposables" and the coupon is for "playtex living". $1 is still a good deal for the gloves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How about FREE margarine?

There's a great catalina on I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! sticks running at Fred Meyer. For every 2 you buy, you get a $2 catalina for your next shopping order. The sticks are priced at $1.89 and there are $1/1 coupons (11/15 RP) and a printable here or here. (This link let me print three, btw!)
  • Buy 2 ICBINB sticks, $3.78
  • Use 2 coupons, -$2
  • Pay $1.78, Get $2 cat!

This catalina is running through 11/28 so there's plenty of time to get yours! (And while I didn't clear any shelves, the Meridian and the O/5 Freddies each have somewhat reduced inventory as of last night, ahem. So, maybe if you're wanting a lot, you should see about doing a special order.) You can do more than one set in a transaction. I bought 8 packs and got 4 - $2 cats.

The sticks I bought last night have a best by date in next April, so I did stock up. These are great for making mac and cheese!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Crisco oil @2.00 at Walmart (vegetable crisco only)

I used my $1.00 off and paid $1.00 per big bottle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

$30/$15 Promo Still Printing AND Works with Breyers - Sara Lee Deal!!!

It is still working as of today (Thursday)!

I'm just back from Albies and here's what you need to know: 1 Breyers from each set (2 pies, 2 ice cream) counts towards your $30.

I bought 5 sets, so 10 pies and 10 ice creams for $31.95 minus $7.75 in various Breyers and Sara Lee coupons = $24.20 + tax. Received $15 in catalinas, so it was like paying $9.20 for it all!!

You could also do just 4 sets of ice cream and pies and use the Skippy & Ragu to get to $30. The scuttlebutt is that this $30/$15 cat will be printing through tomorrow (Thursday) at midnight.

... and don't mind me, I'm just going to do my happy-happy-bargain dance now :)

What is up with the Pie and Ice Cream Promo?

The Sara Lee - Breyers promo is getting a lot of discussion around the blogs & forums. I've read reports of:

  • only being able to use 1 Sara Lee coupon for the whole set
  • being able to use 1 Sara Lee plus 1 Breyers
  • being able to use 2 of each on a set
We need to compare notes and see what our local stores are doing so we can get the best possible deal! Leave a comment to let us know what your store is allowing. (I'll go first and edit in more stores as we get the info!)

Fairview & Meridian: 1 Sara Lee coupon & 1 Breyers per set

Five Mile & Ustick: 1 Sara Lee & 1 Breyers per set

Five Mile & Overland: 1 Sara Lee & 1 Breyers per set

Glenwood: 1 Sara Lee & 1 Breyers per set

It's beginning to look like our area stores might be all on the same page here... Anyone have a different experience? Can you confirm 1 of each coupon per set at any other stores?

Monday, November 9, 2009

From the Fab Frug Inbox!


I was a Albertson's tonight on Hillcrest and I found a great deal on Chinet paper plates. They had the 32 Dinner plates marked down from $6.99 to $2.99 and then I used the coupon for a $1.00 off and doubled it and got two set (total of 64 plates) for $2.12. With the holidays coming up I thought that this was a great deal. Thanks for all your hard work. It is fun reading your website.


Free Popcorn and $1 Huggies wipes at albies

Just got back from Alb at 5 and O. They have popsecret (in the isle) on sale 10/$10. If you double the coupons we got $1/2 they are free.
Also, I bought huggies wipes (64 ct). They are 2.99 but have a $1/1 coupon taped on most of them. Double them and I got them for .99 ea.
Hope this helps.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Albertsons Stock Around Town

One of the reasons we started this "locals only" blog was so we could help spread the word about how well stocked the stores are.

Now that we have doubles added to the hot promo running right now, I'm certain things will be getting pretty nuts over at the stores.

So leave (and read) the comments here to check up on the status of your store! Also feel free to post any great shopping trips as well! Those are ALWAYS so fun to see!

Yesterday morning at 5&O, they had a display of cereal just inside the East entrance. I was glad to see how well stocked they were on cereal! They also had plenty of the Breyers Ice Cream.

Also, do keep in mind that they will most likely run the same Breyers Ice Cream/Sara Lee Pie Promo as they did last year (don't laugh at the very amature post). Which was 2 Ice Creams, and 2 Pies for $6.37. From the looks of the freezer display at 5&O, I'd guess it would be starting next week.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

LeapFrog Tag Jr. at Target

Just curious if anyone else in the area has had luck with using the $10/1 Target coupon on the Tag Jr. system? I tried it today at the Nampa Target and the cashier said it wasn't for the right product. She even tried scanning it just in case, but no luck. I have seen it posted on other sites, however, that they have had success in doing it, so I was just curious...