Sunday, November 8, 2009

Albertsons Stock Around Town

One of the reasons we started this "locals only" blog was so we could help spread the word about how well stocked the stores are.

Now that we have doubles added to the hot promo running right now, I'm certain things will be getting pretty nuts over at the stores.

So leave (and read) the comments here to check up on the status of your store! Also feel free to post any great shopping trips as well! Those are ALWAYS so fun to see!

Yesterday morning at 5&O, they had a display of cereal just inside the East entrance. I was glad to see how well stocked they were on cereal! They also had plenty of the Breyers Ice Cream.

Also, do keep in mind that they will most likely run the same Breyers Ice Cream/Sara Lee Pie Promo as they did last year (don't laugh at the very amature post). Which was 2 Ice Creams, and 2 Pies for $6.37. From the looks of the freezer display at 5&O, I'd guess it would be starting next week.


Ali Smith said...

I would definitely be insterested to hear about what the stock is at the 12th & Greenhurst store, as I'm headed there this evening...

Amber said...

As of 10 minutes ago 5&O had plenty of cereal, Progresso soups, flour, toaster strudels, frosting, YoPlus yogurt and boxed potatoes. They are out of the Frosted Mini Bites, the .88 salad mixes, Golden Grahams and Yoplaits Delights.

Ali Smith said...

Alright, so it's 12:15am and I just got back from the Albies on 12th and Greenhurst (I pretty much always do my weekly shopping late Sunday night after the family is in bed). As for stock, they were out of the Wholly Guacamole and said they would not get anymore in in time for the sale. They were out of the Danimals drinks and crush cups, but said they would get a dairy truck in on Tuesday, so they should be on the shelves by mid afternoon. They were out of Cinnabon bars, and the salad mix. They had plenty of just about everything else...all of the baking stuff (cake/cookie/brownie mix, frosting, flour, etc) plenty of soup, cereal, strudels, hamburger helper, cottenelle wipes, viva paper towels, Breyers, and the other kinds of yogurt. I didn't look at everything, but of the things that were on my list, that is what they had and didn't have. HTH!

Tiffani said...

As of Monday morning 5&O was out of all the yogurts, progresso broth, viva paper towels, and creamy peanut butter.

Ben and Lori said...

At the Cherry & 5 mile Albertsons they have a bonus buy for Arm & Hammer dryer cloths (sheets) for $2.00, if you double the $1.00 coupon (expires 11/30) it makes it free. I can't remember which insert it was in. Sorry. But it makes for a sweet freebie!

Cathy said...

As of Monday night 5&O's display of cereal was GONE!!!! There was a little bit of flour left though. Ice Cream in pretty good stock.

Monica said...

At 12th/greenhust this afternoon they had:

Dove: TONS!

Cottenelle whips: PLENTY





GUAC: NONE (expect it tue)





Cathy said...

YAY Monica - I'm really wanting a Cottonelle WHIP. HA HA!!:)

Tricia said...

Gals - if you still have the McCormick food coloring/extracts $1/1 IP from a looooooooooooong time ago - they expire 11/30 - well this is a great day to use them. All the McCormick food coloring and extracts are b1g1free. So the 4 pks of coloring were $5.29, I bought two and used 2 - $1/1 coupons, doubled both and paid $1.29 for both. The extracts were less - most around $3.69 - so I bought two and used two coupons, doubled one for $1 and the other for $.69 - making both free.

Rochelle said...

I was talking with the guy who does the purchasing for 5mile and O store, and he really wants to have enough stock for everyone, but he is having a hard time knowing what we will want or what we won't. If that is your store- if you will just call ahead if you know you are going to want a lot of something. Like if you know that you are going to get a case of Ragu- he will order extra if you call ahead. He'll even set it aside. He is really nice, but I can see how frustrating it must be for him to try to keep up with our crazy shopping patterns. Please do this so that there is some product for everyone. I have run into so many people at that store who are so frustrated because everything that is a good deal is wiped out. I am one of those people. :)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Look for the Toll House cookies Halloween marked at $1. Free after coupon
Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1/1 (11-30-09) SS-10/11
Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough, any $1/1 (12-31-09) RP-11/1
I picked some up at the O/O store