Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How's Walgreen's looking?

So, the month is almost over and I was hoping to score a few more of the monthly RR deals before they're done! I'm wondering if any of the Nampa/Caldwell/Meridian stores have any of the items in stock? Anyone know? TIA! Would love to find a razor (I have ONE more coupon) and the Sheer Infusion lotion. Wouldn't mind the Halls Refresh and Chapstick either. :)

Fab Fabric Softener Anyone? Anyone?

How is your Freddies looking as far as Snuggle Fabric Softener stock? I went to 5&O last night and they only had a bunch of funky fragrances left. I need to find out when they get shipments in. I have 5 coupons and am looking to score some FREE Snuggle!! Woot woot! ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stacking Coupons at Albies

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem lately, but the cashier wouldn't let me combine a manufacturer's and store coupon at 5 mile and Overland today. The grocery manager said it was a new policy. The cashier suggested I call corporate to make sure, which I later did. Sure enough, the store was wrong and it is still Albertson's policy to allow stacking both coupons. Just wanted to let everyone know in case you run into problems at this or any other store.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Get Cellfire & Shortcuts E-Coupons

Update at the end of this post!

It's not hard to get shortcuts and cellfire e-coupons for your Fred Meyer rewards card.

Let's start with cellfire:

1. Go to and scroll down to the box that says "Enter a City & State or Zip Code" and use Houston, TX 77238 to see the grocery coupons. (You can use any location that has a Kroger. The grocery coupons will not show up using our local zip codes.)

2. Click on the red Register button. (You will need a cell phone number to use cellfire, but you could use a friend's number if you don't have one. It's just used as your login. When you sign up there is an option to turn off text messages from cellfire.) Fill out the information using the Houston zip code and select Kroger Plus card and enter your Fred Meyer Reward card number.

Now for Shortcuts:

1. Go to and click on the Start Now button. Fill out the form using the houston zip code (77238) and select Kroger for your store. Fill in your Fred Meyer Reward card number.

You should now be ready to add some coupons! You can only get each coupon one time, but they have new coupons every week or two. (I don't recall how often, but they send out an email when there are new ones.) Some of the new coupons are the same as the old ones, just new expiration dates. Be sure to print your list of e-coupons. I mark them off my paper once I've used them. I think there is a limit of 50 e-coupons from each site that can be added to your card, but this shouldn't be a big issue since there aren't that many e-coupons, LOL.

When I was researching how to do e-coupons, I did read somewhere that the e-coupons might need to be loaded an hour or so before you expect to use them to give the system time to update them to your card. I haven't yet tested this out as I usually load them the night before I plan to make my Freddie's run.

Shortcuts and cellfire have a lot of the same coupons. I would suggest making sure that you have one e-coupon loaded on each that isn't loaded on the other site, so you can test out to see if each site's e-coupons are working. For example, only load the Nature Valley Nut Clusters on shortcuts and only load the YoPlus on cellfire and then go to Freddie's and buy one of each to see if the e-coupons work.

It might be easiest to test these out using the self-checkout, so you can take your time and watch for the e-coupons to come off before paying. The shortcuts e-coupons show up as SC followed by some numbers then the discount amount and the cellfire e-coupons are the same except they say Cfire.

Happy e-couponing! Feel free to ask any questions. I'm really new to using e-coupons still, but I'll do my best to answer or find the answer.

ETA: I used the self-checkout with an e-coupon transaction today and the e-coupon didn't come off until AFTER I pushed the pay now button! (I've had a similar thing happen in the regular checkouts as well with the e-coupon/s not coming off until the very, very end.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does anyone else use e-coupons?

The last couple weeks I've been experimenting with using e-coupons at Fred Meyer. I've successfully used cellfire and shortcuts e-coupons. I was wondering if anyone else had tried this.

The e-coupons come off automatically when I use my rewards card -- even if I use a manufacturer coupon on the same item. For example, I bought a bag of Nature Valley Nut Clusters for $2.50 and used a $1/1 IP from and my $1/1 e-coupon also came off, so $.50 for a bag. Also, shortcuts has a few coupons for Kroger or Private Label items. I bought a carton of Private Label ice cream today for $2.29 and had a $1/1 e-coupon come off, so it was $1.29 for my ice cream.

It's a little bit tricky to set up the e-coupon accounts, because Fred Meyer isn't officially supported. I selected the Kroger card option and then inputted my Freddie's reward number. If there's interest, I can put together a how-to post on what I did to set them up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Aquafresh!

If you go to up on the right hand corner there is a link that says "savings and special offers" click on that and there are about five or six coupons you can print. One of which is a free trial size of the Aquafresh Extreme Clean up to $1.25 in value! I am all for a free sample! You will have to enter an email address and make a password, putting your address in is optional, and the printing seemed to take a little long for me...but totally worth it! OH and it will let you print it twice!

Leaf Bags at Fred Meyer

It seems like I have been scoring the best deals lately at Fred Meyer! Today I found one that is local to Boise only and I have not seen on any other blogs yet. Freddies has their packages of 5 lawn and leaf bags (the big compostable paper kind that you use to recycle) on sale for $2.50 a package this week using the coupon in the ad or an in-store coupon, no limit. But if you live in the city of Boise and get their trash service you should have recieved a post card this month for $2 off per package of compostable bags, limit 5 packages, at participating retailers. I looked it up and all Fred Meyers are participating! So I was able to get 5 packages (25 bags) for only $.50 per package, total = $2.50 + tax. I have not checked to see what Winco is selling these packages for, but this seemed like a great deal to me! We are set now to clean out the garden, rake up leaves, and probably have some left for next year!

Rite Aid trip was worth the time!

I called several Rite Aids around town and most of them said they were cleaned out of the "Free-bates" and didn't expect shipments until Saturday. However, the Rite Aid at Five Mile and Fairview said they had most of the items. I had never been to this one, but I will again!!! They had a special end aisle with all the items together. They were out of Zucol and Lip balm. Other than that they had everything. The manager was so helpful. He told me that there will be a $3 SCR on Huggies next week (limit one). So I bought four huggies items today and a bunch of the "free-bates". I will buy a Huggies next week to get the buy 5 get one free. So when all was said and done. I figure all six of my diapers will be 2.75ish and everything else was free. (That uses the money makers towards the diapers). They still had lots of most items. The size 4 diapers were a little picked over.

Fred Meyer Stocked!

I went to the Fred Meyer 0/5 today and they had everything on my list:

Franz Bread
Yogurt: They had some priced at .19 each it was the FM brand with fruit on the bottom. I used the .75/4 printable coupon and paid only .01 for all 4! SWEET!
Tree Top Juice
Tillamook Butter: This is a great stock up price! They do not expire until Feb and will be great to have on hand for holiday cooking.
Cheese: Great stock up price too! These don't expire until AUGUST 2010! Keep in mind they are a limit of 2. So you will have to make a few trips.

Find the  Fabulous deals at Fred Meyer sale ends Saturday!

How is the stock at the other stores in town?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coupon Party

You should have recieved the email about the coupon party. Now we need to figure out which coupons to print. It you are planning on coming to the party and are looking for certain printable coupons leave a request in the comments or start your own post!

This is gonna be fun!

Old Navy 50% Off

Hey ladies! I did some shopping at the Nampa Old Navy today and they still had a good amount of clearance. It may be worth checking out! Check out my Old Navy post on Fabulessly Frugal to see how to save more!

Air wick I motion air freshners at Target

As of this afternoon, the Target on Emerald and Milwaukee had 10 or so still in stock. They are located on an endcap toward the vacuum supplies and things like that. When I tried to purchase them the cashier said it wouldn't accept the coupon because it was more than the price of the item. After i made my other purchases, i went to customer service to see if they could explain it to me. They tried it again and it worked for them, but we had to ring each item up individually. The cashier told me, "When people are kind we really try to help them and get things working for them."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pillsbury at Albies?

Just wondering how your stores are looking as far as stock on the Pillsbury goodness? OR any of the items in the General Mills Promo?

Tillamook Butter at Freds

I sent my hubby to do some coupon shopping at Freds today (he only called me seven times while at the store).

They were all out of the Franz Wheat Bread ($1) and the Salted Tillamook Butter ($1.25) - this was at the Freds at 5&O. I'm not sure when they restock, and I wasn't about to send him to go inquire. Ha ha!

Anyone know? How is your store looking?

ps - here is the Little Miss...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old Navy Women's Clearance

Meridian Old Navy is having an addt'l half off their women's clearance starting today. Enjoy!

*Update* Just got back and there is a TON of stuff, many things only $2. Several things rang up even lower than the tag said.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So I was just curious if you ladies had thought about or planned on making a button for BoiseBargainBabes so that we could add that to our blogs? Just curious...thanks!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seventh Generation

Yay! Seventh Generation products are 40% off again this week at Fred Meyer.

Go to to print out some great coupons. (You need to register with them first and then each coupon can be printed twice.)

It feels great to be stocking up on these environmentally-friendly tissues for just $0.31 each!

:( No Albertson's doublers on today's papers

I heard a rumor we were getting Albies doublers today.. I didn't get any, do you think maybe on wednesday?

Organic apples at Fred Meyer

I just saw this and am kind of excited about it. Organic apples are on sale at Fred Meyers this week. Almost all the different kinds were $0.98/lb except for Honeycrisp which were $1.88/lb. I don't buy everything organic, but love to get organic apples when they are a decent price!

(FYI - I did a little research in the past and discovered that you get the biggest benefit from buying organic for fruits and veges where you are eating the skin. So if you have limited $ it is better to spend it on organic apples and grapes than on organic bananas and oranges.)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Red Wine Vinegar

I was just at Fred-Meyer and noticed that Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar had a bunch of those bright orange store coupons next to them: 2/$3.00 (limit 4) ...

... AND some of the bottles of vinegar themselves had manufacturer instant savings peelies on the caps. Some were $0.50 off and some were $1.00 off! ...

...which all equals some pretty decent quality red wine vinegar for $0.50 to a $1.00 each!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cereal, Oatmeal, Pasta... Oh MY!

I've been running errands all day today, and amongst my travels, I would stop by the nearest Albies to check out their stock.

Here is what I found:

17th & State - good stock on hand, although it was 11:00 am when I went by. I didn't make it to the other side of the store to see if there was a large display though - Had a full shelf of the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.

Meridian/Cherry - they have a large display of all the Quaker items PLUS the Ronzoni pasta (that you can get for $.20 after the coupon!). They had a great supply and this was as of 8:00 tonight. (No Dino Egg oatmeal)

Five Mile/Overland - my sister was there and said they have a large display and plenty of cereal and oatmeal, although no Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.

Orchard/Overland - no large display, just end cap displays. Plenty of pasta on the shelves, although again, no Dino Egg oatmeal!

How is your store looking? If you're wanting the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal I'd suggest getting a rain check or placing an order (my kids love this, but I ALWAYS add some of the plain oatmeal to it to "water down" the sugar effect and make it stretch a little longer).

Organic Chicken

I don't buy everything organic, but we are partial to organic chicken which I can NEVER seem find on sale.

Today, I was very excited to see that CostCo is awarding a $4.00 instant rebate (per package - limit 5) on their boneless and skinless organic chicken breasts.

If you buy the lightest packages this knocks the price down from $5.99/lb (what they seem to cost just about everywhere) to about $4.25 to $4.50/lb.

This certainly can't compete with Albertson's $1.79/lb deal on non-organic chicken breasts - but if you like your chicken organic, head over to CostCo!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good time to use Pillsbury brownies coupons..

Albies has them for $1.00 per box. If you use you doublers you only pay tax, if not they are $.50 per box, still a good deal. Time to stock up on brownies!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Nature's Source laundry stain remover at Albies!

I was so excited about the peanut butter I forgot I had one more freebie for you! I was at the Meridian & Fairview Albies today to buy some Nature's Source items for this rebate I told you about. Through tomorrow there is a cat on the Nature's Source get $2 OYNSO when you buy 2. The laundry stain remover has a shelf tag of $3.99, but it is ringing up $2.99! I assume it will do this at all stores. (Did you know the self-check outs have a price check option? Just look at the bottom center of the opening screen. Push the "Price Inquiry" button.) So buy 2, use 2 Nature’s Source Natural Cleaner, any $1/1 (11-7-09) SS1-9/13 coupons and 2 doublers, pay $1.98 for 2, get $2 OYNSO. If you use them as two of your 3 items for the rebate, you're looking at a potential money maker!

(p.s. This works on the whole line of nature's Source cleaners. I did some price checking.)

Free Crescent Rolls at Freddies & a Cherry & 10 Mile Albies Money Maker!

I have been a busy little bargain bee today. Remember this Fabulessy Frugal post with info on the Pilsbury catalina & coupon links? Crescent rolls are 3 for $5 this week at Freddies. (I can confirm that the catalina is working there!) So, buy 3 Crescent rolls and use 3 $1/1 IPs, pay $2, get back $2 OYNSO = free crescent rolls! My kids love these :)

Also, the Cherry & 10 Mile Albies has their Skippy on bonus buy for $1.50 ea. I noticed on PYP's catalina thread Skippy Natural (brown lid) is giving $1 OYNSO when you buy 2. In fact, the promo is listed twice with two different end dates. Guess what! Both are running! So, go to Cherry & 10 Mile and buy 2 Skippy Naturals, use a .75/2 coupon from yesterday's paper and a doubler pay $1.50 for 2, get back 2- $1 OYNSO cats = $.50 MM! Remember to buy in 2's. There's a display of Skippy in the back of the store near the yogurt. I didn't see any of the creamy, but there were about 5 cases of the chunky. Go clean them out, Ladies! :) This is only going to work through tomorrow, then one of the cats is ending.

Nestle Toll House

If you're looking for doublers ideas for Albies, the Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough is $2 right now, free if you double your $1 off coupon.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Totino's Pizza

After buying 8 of these at Fred meyer today price was $1.15 then $1/4 turned it to each being .90. Then I looked in the Pauls ad and saw same thing on sale for .88 each. With $1/4 that would take it down to .63 per pizza - that isn't too bad I don't think.

Is this a good deal?

In today's newspaper on A10 there is a Fred Meyer coupon for Hamburger helper for .69 for 1st 6. I have coupon for .75/3. That would put them at .44 each. I am new to this, is this as good deal?


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Last week I was trying to find some things to double at Albertsons. I ran into hot pockets and lean pockets for $2.00. I believe last week we got coupons for .75/1. Though they have to be on a breakfast lean or hot pocket,I thought on Sunday when they double that will make them .50! I have not heard of anyone posting this. Hope I am not repeating something!Remember to share:)

BYU Fans?

If there are any cougar fans out there I wanted to let you know that the Savers on Fairview and 5 mile has brand new BYU clothes for only $5-$10. Mostly larger men's sizes, but lots of cute track jackets in women's sizes (no kids' stuff). Hurry, they're going fast. They're right outside on the sidewalk. GO COUGARS!

SC Johnson Rebate

Get a $5 rebate when you buy any 3 SC Johnson products from these brands:

• Ziploc
• Glade
• Windex
• Scrubbing Bubbles
• Pledge
• Shout
• Fantastik
• Drano
• Raid
• Off
• Saran
• Nature’s Source

Go here and click on the "When is a company not just a company? When it's a family" special offer.

The fine print says 3 rebates per household.