Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fred Meyer Stocked!

I went to the Fred Meyer 0/5 today and they had everything on my list:

Franz Bread
Yogurt: They had some priced at .19 each it was the FM brand with fruit on the bottom. I used the .75/4 printable coupon and paid only .01 for all 4! SWEET!
Tree Top Juice
Tillamook Butter: This is a great stock up price! They do not expire until Feb and will be great to have on hand for holiday cooking.
Cheese: Great stock up price too! These don't expire until AUGUST 2010! Keep in mind they are a limit of 2. So you will have to make a few trips.

Find the  Fabulous deals at Fred Meyer sale ends Saturday!

How is the stock at the other stores in town?

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Cathy said...

I FREEZE my buddah!