Friday, October 2, 2009

Is this a good deal?

In today's newspaper on A10 there is a Fred Meyer coupon for Hamburger helper for .69 for 1st 6. I have coupon for .75/3. That would put them at .44 each. I am new to this, is this as good deal?



Sheri said...

Sorry, forgot to mention seedless grapes are listed for .79/lb up to 10lb. That does seem like a good deal.

Cathy said...

Sheri - I know the grapes are a great deal. I'm not much of a Hamburger Helper lady, so I couldn't tell you for sure on that one. But $.44/box doesn't seem bad at all - especially if it is something your family enjoys!

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Ok Sheri. The last time I stocked up on Hamburger Helper it was during a Albies spend $30 get back $15. After catalina and .75/3 coupon they came out to .50 each! This was rated a 5 star deal on PYP!
So I would say .44 is a great deal!


Sheri said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. It is hard for me to know what to spend my precious dollars on.