Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cereal, Oatmeal, Pasta... Oh MY!

I've been running errands all day today, and amongst my travels, I would stop by the nearest Albies to check out their stock.

Here is what I found:

17th & State - good stock on hand, although it was 11:00 am when I went by. I didn't make it to the other side of the store to see if there was a large display though - Had a full shelf of the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.

Meridian/Cherry - they have a large display of all the Quaker items PLUS the Ronzoni pasta (that you can get for $.20 after the coupon!). They had a great supply and this was as of 8:00 tonight. (No Dino Egg oatmeal)

Five Mile/Overland - my sister was there and said they have a large display and plenty of cereal and oatmeal, although no Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.

Orchard/Overland - no large display, just end cap displays. Plenty of pasta on the shelves, although again, no Dino Egg oatmeal!

How is your store looking? If you're wanting the Dinosaur Egg oatmeal I'd suggest getting a rain check or placing an order (my kids love this, but I ALWAYS add some of the plain oatmeal to it to "water down" the sugar effect and make it stretch a little longer).


heatherlf said...

Just served the dino oatmeal to my son this morning and found a coupon inside for $1 off 2 boxes so yeah it can be doubled!! I haven't checked the rest of my boxes yet but may be worth opening you boxes. :)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

SWEET! Thanks for letting me know heather! I think I will open my boxes!