Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rite Aid trip was worth the time!

I called several Rite Aids around town and most of them said they were cleaned out of the "Free-bates" and didn't expect shipments until Saturday. However, the Rite Aid at Five Mile and Fairview said they had most of the items. I had never been to this one, but I will again!!! They had a special end aisle with all the items together. They were out of Zucol and Lip balm. Other than that they had everything. The manager was so helpful. He told me that there will be a $3 SCR on Huggies next week (limit one). So I bought four huggies items today and a bunch of the "free-bates". I will buy a Huggies next week to get the buy 5 get one free. So when all was said and done. I figure all six of my diapers will be 2.75ish and everything else was free. (That uses the money makers towards the diapers). They still had lots of most items. The size 4 diapers were a little picked over.

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Cheryl_hiccups said...

Yeah, I like that Rite Aid location as well. I did my free-bates there on Tuesday using my $20 GOS certificate. My total OOP was $.94 and I'll be getting back just under $27 in SCRs. Rite Aid is awesome when they have stuff in stock :)