Sunday, October 11, 2009

Organic apples at Fred Meyer

I just saw this and am kind of excited about it. Organic apples are on sale at Fred Meyers this week. Almost all the different kinds were $0.98/lb except for Honeycrisp which were $1.88/lb. I don't buy everything organic, but love to get organic apples when they are a decent price!

(FYI - I did a little research in the past and discovered that you get the biggest benefit from buying organic for fruits and veges where you are eating the skin. So if you have limited $ it is better to spend it on organic apples and grapes than on organic bananas and oranges.)


Stacy said...

..and they're from the northwest! I'm on my way. I always feel kind of silly eating organic apples from New Zealand. :-)

Ali Smith said...

That's a cool little tip about the fruits and veggies with skin...never really thought about it...thanks!