Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaf Bags at Fred Meyer

It seems like I have been scoring the best deals lately at Fred Meyer! Today I found one that is local to Boise only and I have not seen on any other blogs yet. Freddies has their packages of 5 lawn and leaf bags (the big compostable paper kind that you use to recycle) on sale for $2.50 a package this week using the coupon in the ad or an in-store coupon, no limit. But if you live in the city of Boise and get their trash service you should have recieved a post card this month for $2 off per package of compostable bags, limit 5 packages, at participating retailers. I looked it up and all Fred Meyers are participating! So I was able to get 5 packages (25 bags) for only $.50 per package, total = $2.50 + tax. I have not checked to see what Winco is selling these packages for, but this seemed like a great deal to me! We are set now to clean out the garden, rake up leaves, and probably have some left for next year!

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Julee said...

We got our bags a few weeks ago at Home Depot - the were 1.88 and accepted the coupon! totally free! :)