Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Muir Glen Soup at Meridian WinCo for 18 Cents!

So quiet here! Everyone must be super busy getting bargains for Christmas!

If your running around takes you to WinCo, I've got a deal for you! The Meridian store has a little end cap of Muir Glen soups at checkstand 16. (That's the one right by the exit door.) They are priced at $1.18 each and when you use the $1/1 IP from that makes them 18 cents each! I saw garden vegetable, tomato, minestrone, chicken noodle, chicken gumbo, chicken tortilla and lentil varieties.

Also, if you have any of the LaVictoria $4/2 Rewards coupons to use, WinCo has the 16oz size in stock -- unlike Walmart. They are priced at $1.78 each and the cashier will have to force them through, so it might be a good idea to stop by customer service before you check out to ask them how to deal with that. My checker had to call someone over to help figure it out and the process took a bit of time. I ended up getting $3.56 for each coupon, so no overage. Do watch to make sure they don't just hit the bypass key, because this results in the coupon taking off just $1.78 -- the full price of one.

And one more deal to make it worth your while. Go to for a $.75/3 coupon. Sign up required, but if you signed up at for the $1/4 coupon just log in using that email & password. (And if you didn't sign up for the Del Monte $1/4 -- do it! They make free cans at Albies through the 24th with doublers.) The contadina tomato sauce is about .43 a can at WinCo which makes for 18 cent tomato sauce after coupon -- great price for this food staple! (My Albies doesn't carry the Contadina tomato sauce, so no doubling option.)

That's all for now. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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