Monday, February 22, 2010

Deals from the Fab FruGAL Inbox

Hi there ladies,

Just thought I would tell you about the great Albie's deal I ran into today at the Albertson's on 12th in Nampa (not sure if the prices are the same at all the Albie's?.....It was a busy coupon day for me today.)

They have 14oz Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for $1.09 eachBuy 2, Use the $1.50/2 Kellogg's couponhere and pay only $0.68 + tax for two boxes of cereal AND The Lunchables w/o drink are on sale for$1.29 each. Use the $.75/1  Lunchable w/o drink coupon here and pay only $0.54 each per box. Of course if doubles come out this week you could get the lunchables free, but I thought it was a good deal either way . Oh and they are fully stocked on the 10lb Potatoes for $.99 each sale that ends tomorrow too.

Another deal to mention that I got yesterday at Walgreens in Nampa on the Goody's Hairbands. They have some of the 27 count on sale for $1.09...of course being frugal I thought I would see if I could still get the Register Reward to print.....when I got to the register to my surprise they rang up $.75 and I still got the $2 RR. MONEY MAKER $$!!! There were plenty  of the sale ones left when I left the store of course because I realize the importance of leaving good deals for others to find as well

(BTW......Fred Meyers had Purex in stock again if the catalina is still running to use the BOGO coupon from Sunday. I thinnk they were $4.49 each)

Have a wonderful day!!


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