Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Five Mile and Overland Blog

The fab managers at 5&O have started a blog with the objective to
  • keep their shoppers informed on when they are stocking up on hot products
  • to list all of the in store coupons that they have at the check stands!
  • To keep their shoppers happy!
They are working hard to become more coupon friendly. You can view their blog here: Albertsons 5Mile & Overland

If you go look at it today, you'll see that they will have a shipment of juice in this morning that will be out by 10:00 am!! (WAIT!!! I'm rereading the post and he wrote, "Wednesday March 2" - so maybe he meant TUESDAY? or He meant March THIRD??? I know they had a bunch in yesterday, so maybe it was TUESDAY he meant to write). If you haven't heard about how you can get FREE juice, be sure to read this post!

I do know they are getting more in on Friday.


heatherlf said...

Thats awesome good for them for starting this!!! I was in this morning mad house for the fruit snacks!!! Many people were not limiting it to 3 transactions I guess if they let you do that whatever but wow held up the line. I'm talking boxes and boxes...
All the danimal stuff was out as of 9:30 this morning. Damien said maybe tomorrow?

Terry said...

I'm curious if any of you ever shop out at the Albertsons in Kuna? I never have, but its not very far away from me (I usually go to overland/5 mile or Cole/Fairview) - I'm tempted to check them out to see if its not quite as crazy there and I may actually have some luck getting what I came for? Anyone have any opions of them..good or bad? Thanks so much!

Terry said...

OK - ignore my comment - there is no albertsons in Kuna ;-) I just went there, and its a Paul's! OOOPS!