Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Luvs Diapers as low as $2 at Family Dollar!?

Did you get your $5 off Luvs coupon yet from here??? www.luvsdiapers.com

If you did (I'm still waiting for mine) then you can head over to the Family Dollar Store and pick up a jumbo pack of diapers for $2!! They have them advertised on their flier from Sunday for $7 and it says at the bottom on the front page that they DO accept manufacture coupons! They also have a $5/$25 store coupon at the top of the page that could make for some good deals :)

If you haven't gotten yours yet, the prices are good through 10/7... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Cathy said...

Caitlin, where is the Family Dollar store?

Caitlin said...

Sorry I didn't see your post sooner but the closest one to us I found in the phonebook was on State st. I thought there was one on Franklin and Curtis by the Dairy Queen but haven't had a chance to do another drive by and see :(