Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where is everybody? :(
Any way...I went shopping at two different Wags today, the one on Midland and the Blvd and the one on 12th Rd (in Nampa)
I first went to the one on the Blvd and it was VERY well-stocked in everything, except the Gillette Fusion MVP razors which were completely out (so I thought). They actually have signs up, though, limiting each of the monthly RR items to one per person per day, no exceptions.
I also saw that the CoverGirl cosmetics are "Buy One Get One 50% off," so I was able to take advantage of the BOGO CoverGirl coupons that are expiring 9/30. I bought two TruBlend Foundations ($8.99), got 1/2 off of one (-$4.50), used a BOGO coupon (buy one foundation, get a face product free, PG 8/30) for which they gave me the full $8.99 off, and also a $1/1 any CoverGirl product (also PG 8/30). SO....after coupons, I paid $3.50 for two foundations! Not bad if you ask me!
The Blvd store also has a TON of great clearance stuff! Look in the candy and toy aisle!
When I later went to the 12th Rd store, they were wiped out of the Dentek flosspicks and the Oral-B Advantage, but seemed to be well-stocked in everything else. I tried to again do the CoverGirl deal, but they would not let me use the $1/1 in addition to the BOGO, which was ok by me. I still got them, because $2.25 is a great price for TruBlend Foundation! They were also almost completely wiped out of the great clearance items, which was a bummer. The 12th Rd store seems to have no limitations on how many RR items you can buy per day. As I was checking out at the cosmetics counter, I happened to glance down and see the Gillette Fusion razors hiding! They are at the counter, on the lower part. I do not know if the Blvd store had these in the same place or not, but you should definitely look for them there!
One other deal I scored at the Blvd store was they had some 5.5 oz Febreeze candles on clearance for $3.49. I bought two and used two $2/1 any Febreeze candle (PG 8/30), and also got two Febreeze Air Effects and used two Buy One candle, get one Air Effects Free (PG 9/27) so I scored two candles and two air effects for only $3! There were a few more, so be sure to look for them! cashiers at both stores were really patient and kind. The manager that helped me at the 12th Rd store was great, also. :)
In both stores, I had no problems getting any of the cats to print and both stores had displays toward the front of the store with ALL of the monthly RR deals all in one place on an endcap, so that was pretty nice. Didn't have to go all over the store to find them.


Caitlin said...

Thanks for the great posting! I wanted to let everyone know that the Wags on 5mile/0verland has alot of great people working there also. I have never had a problem with my coupons there and have been working closely with them to get the great sale items stocked up before sales (thanks to I was able to walk out this morning with $130 worth of items and paid less then $10 OOP, yet still have $29 in RR. It was definitely an awesome day at the Walgreens today! :)I was surprised to see people waiting out front for the doors to open though, the last 2 months I have been the only one there in the morning (i go before heading to work)It was an interesting morning with all us couponers at one time! Happy shopping ladies :)

Fabulessly Frugal said...

Thanks for the tips ladies. I will have to try wags tomorrow!