Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hey there folks!  Here are some extra savings that we have at Overland & 5Mile for you guys. 
Dasani 24pk is priced at a low $3.99 - but we also have a $1 off coupon on one 24pk = $2.99
We only have a limited supply of coupons (enough for the pallet in front of the Pharmacy) and when they're gone, they're gone. 
We also have some $2 Off 2 Pepsi 24pk coupons - so they make it $5.99 each.  Both of these coupons are at the checkstands.
Lastly we have some more of the Bronco bars from Dream Chocolate. 
If you'll remember they are the ones with a coupon for a pair of tickets to a BSU sport event on the inside of the wrapper. 
Normally most of the coupons are for Women's basketball, gymnastics, or wrestling, but there are some Men's basketball mixed in there. 
Dream Chocolate has brought out some new "Perfect Season 14-0" bars and they will have the normal amount mix of Men's basketball tickets.
However, Dream Chocolate has loaded up this last batch of chocolate bars with 50% of them being Men's basketball tickets.
So for $1.80 you could have a $18 value.
Remember that all the ones (EXCEPT the new 14-0 Perfect Season) have the 50% mixture of Men's basketball.

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