Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walgreens Diaper Stock

This morning I went to the Overland/Meridian store to get my three packages of diapers only to find that they are limiting!!!!!

1 pack of diapers, per day, per customer, NO EXCEPTIONS!

You could purchase 1 wipe, 1 enfamil and 1 diaper, not a good deal!

So FYI  for any of you thinking you might stop by there while in the neighborhood.

How is the stock at other stores?
At O/5 this morning they had N,1,2, a few 5 and 6. NO 3 OR 4. :(

Feel free to share what you know in the comments!


Rebecca said...

I talked to the manager at orchard and overland on Monday when I bought diapers and he ordered a ton for this sale and is not limiting at all. I bought 6 packs without a problem. As of Monday it was well stocked.

Cathy said...

Good to know - thanks for sharing!

janetcoupon said...

I talked with the Asst Manager at Eagle/Ustick and he had plenty! They over-ordered for the last Huggies deal and no one came....:(

Kristina D said...

I bought 3 at the eagle/ustick and it was great to find a store that was so nice and stocked! I think I'll go back and get 3 more.

Ali Smith said...

It's funny how stores can be so different!

Meridian Mama said...

McMillan & Linder had a bunch as of last night! I just got three since I never know what else will be on sale within the 2 weeks the RR is good for. I wish you could just roll the RRs like cats at Albertsons or have longer to use them.
I think I'll head to Target to get 3 more packs there though, I got their book of coupons in the mail yesterday and there are q's for Pampers & Huggies, so they'll be even cheaper, yahooooo!!!