Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ALBERTONS: Who, What, When, Where, How Much... your deepest questions answered!

WOW - it's been a busy few days in our little blogging world with all the comments and emails! We've got {holy moly} FIVE Albertsons threads going right now... and they've all got comments regarding different aspects of the sale!

It's all quite a mess! SO - for the locals here, let's keep each other informed about what store is accepting what coupons, and how well stocked your store is.

To keep the comments an easy read, could you write it this fashion?
{no, I'm not usually a comment Nazi!}


STOCK: 5&O has it comin out their ears... look by the pharmacy!

$1/1: Nampa stores WILL NOT accept this coupon!

$3/5 COUPON: Cole and Fairview would not accept this coupon!

$3/5 COUPON: 5&O WOULD accept this coupon!

This way, when you want to come and check out what is going on at the stores, you can just skim through the comments to find what you're looking for!

Be sure to read Carlee's post right underneath this one! She's found more coupons!!!


Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

Stock: Fairview/Meridian very well stocked in granola bars, cereal, and oatmeal

Coupons: If a coupon is in question the Fairview/Meridian store will not take it.

Boise Bargain Shoppers said...

Stock: Fairview/Meridian & Ten Mile/Cherry Lane were both well stocked on most of the cereals and granola bars and oatmeal, but neither of them had Oatmeal Squares cereal that I could find.
I was able to use the orange $3/5 coupons from Fred Meyer at the Ten Mile/Cherry Lane store last night, and also didn't have any problems using the $1.00/1 oatmeal printable coupons either.
hope this helps!!

Amber said...

STOCK: 5&O has the cookies, all types of instant oatmeal, granola bars, pancake mix, syrup and all cereal types except Oatmeal squares. The warehouse is out, but they are expecting a big shipment on Saturday.

Fabulessly Frugal said...

COUPON: Nampa Greenhurst
are no longer accepting the copied orange $3.00 off coupon from Fred Meyer. They were taking them yesterday, but must have realized THEY ARE COPIES. HELLO!
I am glad they figured that out.

Martha said...

COUPON: Eagle/McMillan was accepting the yellow copied FM coupon yesterday, but no longer will. They will take it if it is the one out of the book. They will also take the $1/1 coupon.

Julee said...

Stock: five mile/ustick has everything instock including the oatmeal squares! they did NOT have the cereal bar things though, but thought they'd be getting in a huge shipment of stuff tonight.
Coupon: five mile/ustick took the $3/5 coupons I bought on ebay. The cashier had a really hard time scanning them though. From what I could tell from the backs of them - they were cut from a Florida albie's ad.

Kristina D said...

Stock: 5&O is out of the oatmeal squares but the manager said they should have them re-stocked tomorrow mid-morning

Coupon: 5&O took the $3/5 coupons I bought on e-bay (also think they were cut from a newspaper) but they would not scan - the cashier had to input them in manually. Thankfully I only used 2 of them!

AJ said...

Both Nampa stores (Greenhurst and 12th) were completely out of granola bars this morning. The lady at the Greenhurst store told me the warehouse is out and they don't plan on getting any more before the sale ends. Also, she said yesterday they were told they are not giving rainchecks.

Cathy said...

5&O WILL give rain checks... head over there!

Julee said...

Anyone know what the stock looks like in either of the Meridian stores?

Leslie said...

Glenwood Albies had lots of Quaker left this morning....granola bars too if you're still looking.

Anonymous said...

I saw on Fistful of Coupons that Albies is calling their coupons Twice the Value Coupons instead of Doublers, so that you can now double the value of a coupon up to $1. even if it says DND. Does anyone know if the stores here, I use both Nampa ones, are doing it. Like to know to be organized before I go.

janetcoupon said...

Cole/Fairview is taking $3/5 coupon if it is the one from the booklet - not the goldenrod copy hanging in the stores at FM. As of yesterday noon, they were out of Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix, never had any Quaker Oatmeal pancake mix, Dipps and Toasted Oat Squares. They had 2 cases of the Squares and 1 lady took all of them on the first day. :(

Plenty of Cap'n Crunch!

I also saw the post on Fistful of Coupons - that is a different region than we are in. I have an email out, trying to find out why the regions aren't subscribing to the same rules.