Monday, January 18, 2010

Exclusive Albertsons Double Deals

The Albertson's by the out-let malls has an awesome manager/store.

He forwarded this snapple deal along (he has 100 coupons available at the front desk)  and said he has 300 coupons for the nesquick chocolate milk coupons 0.40/1.  Double them and it will make them 0.20/each. 

Here's the cool part.  He said he will have extra doublers{if people need them} on tuesday night from 8-midnight and have 2 checkers reserved just for couponers.

Snapple starts at 2 for $10, when you buy 2 you save $2. So now they are at 2 for $8. Mail in rebate is for up $6.99 off when you buy 2. That brings the total to $1.01 for two six packs. Once again the rebate is only for diet. Get your rebate and coupon at the Gowen Store!

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