Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wags Supply

Have you been shopping Walgreen's this week? Anyone score the Free Electrosol? Let's share the love if anyone know's a store with a decent stock!


Julie G. said...

I tried two stores on Monday (Ustick & Eagle, and Eagle & Chinden) and neither had any of the Electrasol.

However, the Eagle & Chinden had some fabulous clearance markdowns on shampoo (herbal essence, gillette, aussie) I was able to get the gillette shampoos for my husband for $.59

Kristina D said...

5&O was all out. I got a rain check for it because with the coupon it will be the same price as Target and I'd much rather shop at Wags. Also, I've noticed that sometimes they will run the RR again, but with a slightly higher price. I've never tried this, but I am wondering if they do run the RR again, and I use the rain check, will the RR print?

Monica said...

Kristina- Sure your rr will print with a rain check.

I shopped the two nampa 12th stores today.

I could not find the sudafed regular anywhere?

Elctrosol was gone!

The 4th st store had 1 bayer monitor.

Does that even help?

Cheryl_hiccups said...

Monica, did you ask for the Sudafed at the pharmacy counter? Due to laws designed to curb meth production, regular Sudafed is kept at the pharmacy counter and they limit how much you can buy.

Anonymous said...

Walgreens on Meridian & Overland has a few of the Electrosol left. They are only letting you buy 1. Is that what the ad says?

Cheryl_hiccups said...


That Walgreens always limits quantities to 1 on the hot/freebie items. That's just something their management has opted to do.

Cheryl_hiccups said...

The Wags at Linder & McMillan had the gel pacs & power tabs in stock as of 9:00 tonight.